Syncrhonizing folder list failed with an error: Execution of authentication request returned unexpected result: 407()

When I use my laptop to work from home, eM client works fine.
When I use my laptop in the office, I get the above error. Any ideas?
IMAP Settings:-
Port: 993
Security Policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port

SMTP Settings
Port: 465
Security Policy:Use SSL/TLS on special port

Authentication for both is :
Use these credentials, which contain my full account name and password

This may be caused by Proxy server, Contact me directly at [email protected] - I will send you further instructions.

Hello there,

I am having the same issue. My computer sits behind a proxy server at work, and I am unable to synchronize my eM Client calendar with my Google calendar.



if you use Windows credentials login contact me on [email protected] I can help you with it.

attach this topic’s URL for easy orientation:…

if you use any other login system then I am sorry but only solution will be to use software like proxifier.


Hi Wilson, please post instructions here on how to get resolve this.


Only instructions I can post here:

If you are using Windows authentication to proxy network we can send one small file over email with instructions what to do with it.

If you are using different method of authentication then we can’t help you, only way how to fix it (for some users it works, for some not) is using external tools like Proxifier.

best regards

I have same issue, can you help?

Hello, please note this topic is over a year old. If you’re seeing any errors using eM Client, please make a screenshot of the error and copy the content of the log tab. Submit both the screenshot and the log to us here on the forum and create a new topic for more information about the issue.

Also please include more info about your current configuration such as what version of eM Client you currently have installed (you can find this information in Help > About), what mail service you’re using with eM Client? Can you make a screenshot of your account setup as well?

Thank you,