Syncing to Exchange Calendar

Just downloaded and installed eM Client…connected to our Exchange Server and the emails instantly synced, how do I sync the Calendar

Hi Nick, if you’ve setup the account using the automatic setup the calendar synchronization should be setup automatically with your account if the server settings for autodiscover are correct.

You should be able to view your calendars in the calendar tab as well as all the other items as Tasks and Contacts.


Thanks Paul, I may just uninstall it and reinstall to see of that fixes it

Paul, did a reinstall and it immediatly connected EM Client to the exchange server with no setup, the setting must have been saved…still no calendar sync.

Question…i have efi ever a couple meeting invites that I accepted inside EC that did update the EC calendar, so that is working. Should I expect calendar events that were already in exchange to show up or will it be just day forward.

Thanks, so far the email clients is working great on Windows 8.1, our exchange server does not support Outlook 2013 so we need something that will work for our 8.1 Mackins,Marist one I’ve tried that I really like.

Hi again Nick, by uninstalling the application, you are not removing the user data, e.g. all your setup and database data are still located in your app data folder under your local folder/App Data/Roaming.

By removing this folder, you will remove all user data and after you re-open eM client, you should be able to re-setup the account, all events should be synchronized past or present.

In case the issue persists, can you please enable Exchange Web Services logging in the application settings under Tools > Settings > Advanced and try to repair the calendar folder?
Right click the calendar folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair” button.

Let the application finish the sync process and restart the application, if the issue persists, please go back to the advanced settings window and submit the logs to my email, with a reference link to this forum topic.

Also please make sure to include a reference link to this forum topic as a reference to our previous discussion.


Thanks Paul, really appreciate the response…I will give that try and let you know how it goes

Hi Paul, I just this morning was able to get into fixing this…did the reinstall,more moving the folder from the ROI,inc Directory first, still no go.

I went to Tools> Settings> Advanced and did not find the Calendar folder to right mouse click on and run repair…guessing I’m looking in the wrong place.

One other thing I noticed…if I click on the Calendar selection on the left hand side under…

Junk E-mail
Calendar - this one

I see the in its but get an error “No default scheduling folder for account “XYZ” could be determined please select one.”

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Nick, not really sure what kind of a calendar folder you have in mind right now, as it seems the calendar folder is listed in between your mail folders.

In the left pane of the application, you should be able to see a list of folders for the selected view. You can also switch between the view for email, calendar, tasks, contacts or widgets in the left pane.

Make sure to switch to the calendar view and repair a calendar folder listed in the left pane, but not the one listed below your mail folders. If you’re having issues with this, can you please make a screenshot of the view you’re currently using?

Thank you,