Syncing "other calendars" from gamil

My wife invited me to a family gmail calendar to which I have subscribed via my main gmail account (it is in the “other” calendar" section in gmail).  The family calendar now shows on my android phone stock calendar via my gmail account but not in EM.  I tried importing the ICS link via URL but got an error saying  remote server returned an error 404.  How do I  get it to display?

Hi, if you’ve subscribed to the calendar online, eM Client should display this calendar below your account subfolder tree in calendars. Have you restarted the application, since you’ve added the calendar?

eM Client only synchronizes the folder list on application startup, so if the application was running while you have subscribed to the calendar, eM Client would not be able to display the calendar immediately.

If you’ve restarted the application but the calendar is not showing, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Thank you…