Syncing large account takes a long time

Hey! Long time not using Windows, I tried eM for mail. 
Unfortunately, your software suffers to a problem I find on couple other clients.

My Gmail account is pretty large, created at the very beginning (when there were invitations :).

eM seem to synchronize mailbox starting from oldest messages, and as you may guess, it may take a while, to sync 10+ years of correspondence. 

Yes, I have found fascinating photos I shared a long time ago, but this is not necessarily a benefit I was looking for :slight_smile:

The other client, I use on Mac, which is my favorite now, starts from the newest mail, and does the hard job silently in the background. But at the start, I see my recent mail and can use it.

Hi Tomek,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the sync order of your email account. However, after the initial sync your IMAP account will download only the new emails and the headers of the old emails will be already in the database.