Syncing errors on folders. Isn't there an option to fix it?

Some folders randomly error when sync option goes through my folders.  I get the notice that there is an error but there is no option to fix it.  Is there a fix??

I believe you will need to offer more specific details to get help, such as the exact error message and the email service being accessed that produces the error message.  

For example, there are known solutions posted here in the forums for sync errors related to Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook email accounts.  See those here (focus on John A’s comments for the best answer to those specific issues, if you are having the same sync errors from a Hotmail or Outlook account):

Hello Lu,
it’s just as Mustangace above mentions, we’ll need more information to help you.
What version of eM Client are you currently running? Check Help>About section for exact version number.
Please copy the error message and the content of Tools>Operations>Log tab when it appears.