Syncing deleted items folder

My eM Client spends hours (nearly 12 now) with the operation "syncronizing messages: For folder /Deleted Items.  I have nothing in my deleted on the client.  I have nothing in my deleted items on the server.  I suspect that when the operation finally finishes, it will have restored thousands of messages to my Deleted Items folder.  What is happening here?  In my log, there has been no further operation since 8:45pm last night due to the length of time this is taking.  it’s killing me because I can’t stay current with my mail.  

Deleted Items and Trash are two different folders. Maybe Deleted Items was created by another email client. I would just delete it because the second Rogers account doesn’t have one. Maybe login via the web interface first and make sure there is nothing in that folder you want to keep before deleting it.

You also have two Sent , two Drafts and two Junk folders. There should only be one of each for each account.