Syncing changes current window while in "Unread"

I have EMClient set to sync every 1 minute (this is necessary when I’m handling support tickets (among other needs) and don’t want to go extended periods of time not knowing if there’s been a reply, etc.) I also have “mark as read” set to 0 seconds, because it’s annoying to quickly open an email (And see it’s not important/spam) and EMClient leaves it marked unread. 

These two things seem to reveal a bug: 

When I click on an email in the “Unread” category, EMClient syncs, then the current email I’m reading vanishes. I have to figure out what email account it was in and try to find it (assuming I remember something about the email to help). 

This seems like a “bug”. EMClient should never clear your window if you’re viewing an email. 

It would also be nice/make sense to have an “unread” category for each email account, so I can both sort by subject and email at the same time. 

Thank you