Syncing 2 Gmail account with differenct contacts lists

 I would like to sync my wiffe’s email account with contacts and my account with contacts, will eMClient separate the contacts list or put them together? how about when composing an email. Will I be able to bring up contacts from both accounts?

Thank you.

The contact lists will remain separate although you will have to option to display one, the other or both combined. Contacts from both lists can be brought up when composing emails.

Wow, thank you for the quick reply. I believe this is really the last email client I will ever need.  =-)

Hi Gabriel,
if you synchronize your contacts to a same online calendar and set it up in your account, you should be able to access it as one single Contacts folder.
If you just grant access to your Contacts folder to each other, they will be in separate folders, but you will be able to access both when composing mail, just as Norman above says.