Synchronizing the maps (folders) doesn't work on IMAP

I have the problem with synchronizing the maps (folders). I already use imap.
When I move the email from Inbox to new map on the first computer the Inbox is not synchronized on the second computer. It’s still show that email is in the Inbox. Synchronization doesn’t help (automatic or manual). I have to use the repair function or close the eM client and open it again to have the right state.
Are there any settings to correct this or there is a bug?
Version 6.0.19861.0
Many thanks for the answer.

sorry but I’m not sure if I understand the issue. What mail service are you using.
I’m also not quite familiar with the maps feature, can you please explain what it is.

Thank you,

let me explain more in details. The problem is that in case we move email X from inbox to some other folder on one computer and then check emails from another computer, email X is still in the Inbox. Synchronization doesn’t help, usually we have to use the repair button, to get the things synchronized. Repair button should anyway be used with caution, so it is not the correct solving of the problem.
We used Thunderbird before and we have never had such problems. Now we are testing eM Client and the issue occurs almost every time.
Please check and let us know how to proceed?