Synchronizing Google folder

I’m having a problem with synchronisation and get this message:

13:07:19   MailExceptions.OperationException: Synchronizing folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed:… (Temporary problem - please try again later.)

According to the log eM has synchronised successfully immediately before this.  I have had eM for about a week and am very pleased with the way it works but this constant error notification is more than annoying.  I see that there have been posts about similar problems earlier but they were all some time ago. 


first i want to apologize if it isn’t always good enlisch, but I’m normally not english-speaking.

1.) have you tried to delete and readd your account?
-> under “extra” bzw. “tools” -> “accounts”

2.) have you activated POP3 bzw. IMGP in GMail?
-> in GMail under “settings” -> “forwarding and POP3/IMGP”

3.) Are you using the 2 steps registration from gmail?
-> conrollable under google -> in the top right corner: click on the letter of your first name -> “my account” -> “registration & safety”. Scroll down and you will see it.

If yes, you need a special app passwort
-> it’s under the registration in 2 steps
-> choose email and your device ( safe this key!!! )
-> go in eM Client, under “extra” bzw. “tools” -> “accounts” -> “YOUR EMAIL-ACCOUNT (LEFT
     SIDE)” -> “diagnosis” -> “diagnosis”
-> Then type/copy in the key, you have safed, if you get asked (maybe twice)
-> If necessary type your acount and password in

On question because I’m using the German version, is it called “extra” or “tools” in the Englsh version?

I hope I can help you with this, if not write back.

Im getting exactly the same thing. It’s worked absolutely fine until I started up emClient this morning.

It’s something to do with the “Directory” that emClient is trying to syncronize. No idea what that actually is. I’ve also tried repairing the inbox, deleting it and then adding it back again, but nothing works. It’s only happening on one of my Gmail accounts though.

Thanks for the response. Deleting and resinstalling the account had no effect. I seem to have solved the problem, though, by removing/unticking  a contact list called “Directory” in eM contacts.  

I did the usual things as well – deleting and reinstalling my Gmail accounts – to no effect. But I seem to have solved the problem by unticking “Directory” in eM’s contact lists (in my case the directory was one provided by the association through which I log in to Gmail).  I hadn’t realised it was there before and it is pretty exhaustive. 

I tried that and doesnt work for me. I also have a folder called “directory” in contacts. No idea what it is or why it is there. I also tried to delete this contact folder but it keeps getting recreated.

No I couldn’t delete it but I could uncheck it in eM client – not in Google!

unfortunately mine is unchecked but i still get the error.