Synchronizing Google Contacts with V3

How does eM Client V3 synchronize withGoogle contacts.

it is one of the major new in this version: Full support for Gmail contacts synchronization.


can you give me step by step guide ? My calendar synchronize fine, but i don’t see anywhere synchronize contacts.

So how do you do it?

in case you have set up Google email + calendar using auto discover, eM Client asked upon upgrade to 3.0, whether you would like to create Contacts synchronization account. If confirmed, you should be able to see the account in the Contacts section of eM Client.

In case you were not asked upon upgrade, go to Tools->Account->New Account, enter your google email address, go through the automatic detection, but check only Google Contacts account for creation (since you already have the other accounts created).


Thank you - it is what I needed to know. It all works now.