synchronizing folders slow

eM Client has become unusable because it spends essentially all of its time Synchronizing folders/subfolders/tags, etc.  Please advise on how to fix this issue.  I switched from Thunderbird to eM Client for reliability purposes but with this problem, I’m back at using the gmail website.

For reference, my database is 14GB, I am running two gmail accounts with mail, calendar, and chat.

I’d be interested in a reply to this issue.

I would be interested in a reply as well.  Mine started this yesterday and is continually syncing.  Looks like it might be a google calendar issue?!?  

I use YAHOO email, and for the past few days, it takes several minutes to complete sync new email, whereas it used to take a few seconds.

I switched back to emClient 6 and it solved the issue for me. It looks like there are a number of issues with emClient 7.