"Synchronizing Folder List - Serving Limit Exceeded" error message

I have been using eM Client for about 6 months, and today for the first time experienced a new error message: “synchronizing folder list failed with an error: serving limit exceeded”

What is the serving limit and what steps do I need to take to resolve this? I use eM Client with two accounts (gmail and a separate IMAP account) and I’m not sure to which account this error pertains. I haven’t created any new folders on either account recently.

I am using eM Client 5.0.18667.0 on Windows 8.


Unfortunately Gmail has very strict connections limit. Please go to Tools - Settings - General - General and put higher value in “Synchronize items every … minutes”

for me there works 15 without any problem.

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Synchronizing folder’ name @solutions.com/contacts/'failed wirth an error : Execution of request failed:
[https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/conta…](https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/contacts/name@solutions.com/full?max-results=2147483647&showeddeleted=true&updated-min=2014-02-25T14;10:51Z&start-index=2147483648(invalid) start-index)

Thanks!..knew it had to be a google thing as they are well into their phase of polluting the internet with chrome and other bandwidth hog unnecessities.

I’ve been getting that same error message over the last week, Kevin (regarding Contacts). I can’t tell if it’s actually affecting anything, though.

for issue with contacts contact me on galis@emclient.com