Synchronizing folder failed

I am using the em Client the current version (6.0.22344.0).
The operations dialog keeps showing synchronization failed for my hotmail account.

How can I fix this error? or at least to disable/permanently ignore the dialog?

Hello, if you’re using a hotmail account (or / and seeing a 503:unavailable or similar error in your eM Client, this is unfortunately a known server issue to us. This can occur when the server is unable to handle the amount of requests before the request times out. eM Client is using the AirSync protocol to synchronize your account with the application which doesn’t currently allow us to disable the calendar service only.

You could however setup your account using IMAP and SMTP rather than AirSync, however this option would disable your ability to synchronize calendars and contacts with the server and you’d have to use another service setup with eM Client or local folders.