Synchronizing folder failed due to Parsing Error

I get this error every time I sync.  I have other Google accounts that are working, it’s just my personal Google account with the error. 

Synchronizing folder ‘’ failed due to the following error:  Parsing failed.

Since it’s a Google IMAP account, you might try deleting the account and then setting up the account again.  The account will be resynced after you reenter the account info.

I have thousands of emails in that account was hoping to avoid that.  It took awhile to sync the first time.  Are you with Em Client or the user community?

I’m just a user.  Try this (don’t know if it will work)-- go to menu/tools/accounts and uncheck the “Google Contacts” selection box.  Then re-check the box.  I’m not sure if this actually resyncs, but it’s worth a try.

If you are a Pro user, you can use their prod support and they are fairly quick to respond.