Synchronizing folder errors

Getting multiple "Synchronizing folder 'email/Directory/'failed due to the following error;Execution of request failed: c-token= … (Incremental update was not possible; please fully resync)

Any idea how to clear this as it constantly pops up “errors” in EM.   Every 5 minuets… 

I am on v6.0.23181.0

Hello Bob,
the synchronization error was an issue with google servers and you need to fully resync for it to be fixed. Go to your Contacts tab in the left menu and right mouse click all the folders and sub-folders under your affected account, choose Properties > Repair and click the Repair button. Wait for the repair to finish before starting repairing each folder.

If repairing only the contact folders doesn’t fix the error, repair all other google accounts related folders (deleting and re-adding affected account is a quicker work-around, but I understand it’s not a possible solution for everyone).

Best regards,

Syncronizing doe snot help, I still get the error every few minutes. It’s driving me nuts.

Hi Chris,
on the newer topics with this error we already posted permanent fix, which is installing this release >…

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