Synchronize kategory flags

A great program, but it lacks one feature being used by my company. No synchronization category while working on the same mailbox on multiple computers. As synchronize flags ‘follow up’. Now I use Mozilla Thunderbird and there it works. I can select the color category on a single computer. On every other computer on the same box office will be automatically synchronized. It’s basically the only feature that I miss. Please let me know if there is a chance for such a function.

we plan to implement this feature in the next major update (6)

Still this feature is missing or may be I am not enough learned to use it. Anyways when I mark a flag on emclient it gets sync with OWA as well as my android app but when I remove tag from OWA or android it remains there in emclient. Please guide

I just checked and it works eMC 7 <> Outlook (Windows), eMC 7 <> K@Mail (Android).

Dera Mr. Jorg, thanks for your reply.
I have 2 accounts on emc7. one is gmail and other is company account on office365. Gmail is working fine but company account is not synchronizing what i mentioned above.

emc7 did not configure it automatically with option of “exchange” and I did it manually after learning from different web sites. with port 993 and SSL/TLS with port 587 and SSL/TLS

Please guide

Hello Raja,
this functionality is unfortunately only functional for gmail accounts now and few other exceptions. Not all mail protocols and servers support synchronization of additional information, such as mail flags or categories, to be sent to the server. When the server does not allow this functionality, this information is therefore only stored locally and cannot be synchronized to other devices.