"Synchronize items at start-up" is unchecked but EC does it anyway

As the title says, although emClient is set *not* to synchronize at start-up, every time I open it it does precisely that and I don’t know if I can use or close the program safely while it’s synchronizing. I’m using IMAP and emClient is the latest build.

I think the “Synchronize at start-up” option does not pertain to IMAP. I also noticed that mine syncs whether that is checked or not. I have no problem working while syncing (using gmail), but I have heard Exchange is problematic.

Thank you Jay. If Exchange is problematic, other IMAP servers too might be. Sometimes I need to open emClient just for a very short time and the fact that waiting for the sync to finish before closing the program is considered safer makes it somewhat still unprepared for highly productive environments.

Hello Mario,
this setting is only relevant to accounts with POP protocol.
POP protocol only downloads messages when prompted to, so the synchronization setting will ensure you will get all recent messages as soon as they arrive.
IMAP and Exchange protocols are meant to keep all data synchronized with the server and will synchronize any change on the server automatically.


Thank you Olivia. I understand that. However, since I need to open the program very frequently and upon doing this it always starts synchronizing everything, sometimes I have to wait a rather long time before the inbox folder gets updated.
A workaround is to let it open in the system tray and synch every x minutes, but it’s just a workaround for me. I think a button that initiates synch manually would be nice for heavy IMAP users (and possibly the possibility to automatically synch only selected folders).