Synchronize failed with gmail without erros

I have some problems about synchronice. I have an gmail account. I see emails in standard folders inbox, outbox, etc… but i don’t see the messages in the subfolders. In gmail i see everythings. I don’t have errors during the syncronizing. The version of em client is 5.0.19406.0 version free. I’m take account of the licence. Thank you.


If I have understood right - you have subfolders on Gmail’s web interface and you are receiving emails in it, but in eM Client you can’t see them?

Can you please make and post here screenshots of this issue and also can you tell me what email protocol for receiving emails do you use?


Hi Jan,

thanks for your kind answer.
I finally found out that there were under folders in the inbox that gmail doesn’t see, and for this reason I colundn’t find them in eM client.

I’ve solved the problem organizing in a different way the folders in gmail, and had to follow the following steps to be able to update eM client and finally see the inbox folders:
eM Client - File - Restore

thank you for your kind cooperation.


you are welcome.