Synchronize content between desktop and laptop


I have eM client installed both on my desktop and my laptop computers.

I would like to keep tasks and contacts always synchronized between both machines.

Which is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks for any help!

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The best way is to have both computers using the same calendar and contacts accounts. Most email providers offer this service.

Who is your email provider?

Thanks Gary for the quick reply!

I’m using Gmail for some eM client accounts and a hosting provider email accounts for others…

Using Gmail accounts I should be able to have the same calendar and contacts content on both computers?

Yes, if you setup the GMail account using the Automatic Setup, it will have included the calendar, tasks and contacts from Google. You can check that in the account settings

Then whatever contacts and tasks you save in the GMail folders will be synced across both computers.

Hi again!

The problem is that I didn’t use the automatic setup for accounts but the manual one…

Is there any way to add these Gmail services manually?


I figured it out!

I recreated the account in eM client (but not with automatic setup, as it doesn’t work in my case).
I created a new account using the “Contacts” account > “Google Contacts” > then I selected the “IMAP” and “SMTP” services under “General” tab and everything works fine now!

Thanks for your help!