Synchronize contacts on other computer

I have a normal licence (not free) and use eMClient on my computer and on my laptop.
Meanwhile in my laptop the contacts are missing.
Is there a way to export them from the PC?

I tried File >Export>Export to .Vcf files, but it does not work.
There is the message : please choose folder.

I’m wondering will it work if you transfer the following folder from your PC to the same location on your laptop:

C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\ eM Client

DON"T FORGET to backup your existing ‘eM Client’ folder on your laptop.

  1. Exit eM Client
  2. Rename ‘eM Client’ folder to ‘eM Client original’ on your laptop
  3. Copy ‘eM Client’ from PC to your laptop
  4. Start the program and check if your Contacts and other data are the same as on PC

To revert:

  1. Exit eM Client
  2. Delete ‘eM Client’ folder from \AppData\Roaming\
  3. Rename ‘eM Client original’ to ‘eM Client’
  4. Start the program

Thks maya77,

at the moment I copyed from the PC to the laptop.
Now I have the contacts.
But I would have preferred a synchronisation, if possible, to avoid copying from one to an other computer.
For the email I have no problem, as they are all Imap.
And for the calendar I’ll have the same problem :frowning:

The easiest way to syncronize contacs & calendar is via googlemail.
Just make a new googlemail account on the google homepage and add a new google calender&contact to emClient.
While using google calender & contacts, you can also add those to your cellphone (Iphone/android) and keep it synced

I already have a googlemail account, with many contacts which was not yet opened in eMClient.
This morning I created it (horrible, 3000 messages!) and I think I have all the contacts toghether (the pop up windows asked me if I wanted to pair them).
So now I have two calendars, two wheathers and many contacts.:slight_smile:

It seems synced with iPhone. But not the first time.
I had to delete the google account, then to create it again while keeping open the internet window of Google calendar. (don’t ask me why).