Synchronization with Yandex breaks

Good afternoon! I have a Yandex mailbox, I installed several previous versions of the EM client, and on each of them(incuded last one 9.1.2106), synchronization with the server breaks after a random time. Also, after full synchronization (after many, many restarts of the client, which is very annoying), problem happens(break sync), when a letter comes to the server, but the client does not download it until you restart the client. I understand that there is a disconnect. But why doesn’t the client try to contact the server again and again? And why does this not happen on other clients (Bat and Thunderbird)?

Hello, is there any news about yandex sync problem? May be you can tell, will you plan to solve it…some day?

Still have a problems with yandex servers sync…could you say, are you planning to fix it someday?

Yandex random connection / sync problems are known on the forum threads.

This happens with any version of eM Client I found and would “need to be troubleshooted by eM Client VIP support” if you are an eM Client Pro customer. eM Client Pro support link.

I suspect Yandex mail server is a bit like Yahoo Mail server where they didn’t appear to have enough connections available, and alot of the time you got random connection problems as a result. So i suspect it’s Yandex mail server related.

I personally had lots of issues randomly connecting to Yandex with any version of Client, and eventually gave up & went to Gmail and Microsoft IMAP & Exchange servers. Good luck.