Synchronization with Google Mail

Unfortunately I deleted the content of the folder “all news” which is so easy. All mails are deleted in Em7 and in my Google Mail account as well because the are synchronized. So I tried to restore my mails from my Em7 backups. It doesn’t work at all. All folders stay empty.

Then I restored my system backup with Macrium Reflect and the mails in Em7 came back again. But when I start the synchronization all mails disappear. The status of the Google mail account is always dominant and the Gmail folders are empty.

Question: How can I determine the direction how the synchronization should work? In this case all mails from Em7 should be uploaded to Google Mail.

The way to get back your folder is to restore eM Client while it is off-line. Disconnecting from Wi-Fi is the best way. Then create a new folder and move the “all news” contents to it. After you re-connect and eM Client has re-synced, move the contents of the new folder back into the old one.

Hi Gary,
I have restored my mails from the Gmail trash to the Gmail inbox folder. You gave me already a good answer to my second problem with rules.

But nevertheless restoring mails from a em7 backup doesn’t work well. It’s useless when the Gmail folders are empty because Gmail is always dominant.  And rules don’t work even in Em7 when mails are moved from the Gmail trash to the Gmail inbox. When they are synchronized Em7 should treat them as “new mails”. This is not the case.

Unfortunately filters in Gmail are not very comfortable, the panel for labels is to small.  Otherwise I would stop using em7.

Best wishes

I guess that is something we have to live with. A new email is determined as an email that has just arrived at the server and is unread, whereas an email that has previously arrived been read then been moved to Trash then back to Inbox is not considered new.

It is like there was a question recently where new email was read on a phone, then marked as unread and expected to be treated as a new email in eM Client. Would be nice if it did, but it is just not setup that way.