Synchronise Tasks

Hi, I would like to be able to synchronise tasks with my mail server (running Mail Enable), maybe using SyncML. Would this be possible?

Hi, this is already possible if you have set calendar account in eM Client.


Ah yes, this is working now. I had a calendar account set up already, but it was only synching the calendar due to an error in the feed URL. I have corrected this and it’s now synching tasks and contacts as well.

In Account Settings, it also only says ‘Calendar, Contacts’ for the account, so it would be useful if this was updated to also say ‘Tasks’.

This depends on how server is set. I don’t know about yours but some has all “stuff” they synchronize under one tab because they use one protocol (like MS with airsync) or over many protocols like Gmail does.


Mark, What URL did you use with MailEnable? I’m using but only the Calendar is being synced.

Hi Anton, I’m using and we have MailEnable listening on that port (in the Synchronisation Properties panel in ME).