Synchronisation don't work perfect

I bought 3 licenses yesterday. I would now like to install them on a desktop and two notebooks so that not only the accounts and settings are synchronized, but also special functions of em client like email later remember. I use a gmail account. I put the storage folder in my onedrive cloud and linked it. Unfortunately I still have different reminders on the different computers. It’s not convenient to have to configure this on each computer for each mail separately and it doesn’t sync. Would be nice if it would somehow go.

Unfortunately you can’t have the database in a cloud synced folder.

What you can do is setup eM Client the way you want it on one computer, then make a backup.

Copy the backup file to the other two devices and restore it. That will give you a one-off duplication of all settings, accounts etc.

Thereafter, as long as the accounts are setup as IMAP or Exchange, the messages will sync between the devices.

Sync works good. Only the function - in german - “Zurückstellen” don’t sync. It ist a special em Client function, not a gmail function.