Synching takes an overly long time. Is this normal? Does it use up much broadband doing this?

Hi Guys, all good from this side. However, a query: eM Client spends an overly long time synchronising (files, messages, etc.). I was wondering if, firstly, this is “normal” and, secondly, whether this process uses up a lot of broadband. I suppose the overriding question is: for every timed sync. session, should the client be spending so much time synching? Txs in anticipation, Dorian

Hi, how long does it take until eM Client finished the synchronization?
It should not take a lot of broadband but if you want go to Tools > Settings > General and under synchronization, adjust the synchronization period, so eM Client doesn’t synchronize your accounts so often.

What mail service are you using?

Hope this helps,