Sync2eM Service Beta Programme launched. Enjoy full data synchronization to amost any mobile phone.

You can now join beta programme of Sync2eM service. Service that enables you to synchronize your data (emails, contacts, events, tasks) to almost any mobile phone on the market. You can join the beta programme and create your account at…
More information can be found at

I tried to join the beta and it will not let me join it says there is some internal error.

Hello, can you please try it once again? I cannot reproduce the problem. Can you post exact error message you got or screenshot? What browser do you use?

I am using firefox 3.6.13 the message is attached

This account creation is a new account or the same details as my em client account? I have tried both anyway to no avail.

It creates new account which is paired with eM Client license (if there is any)
It is quite strange, I am still not able to reproduce it. Can you please give me an email address you filled in? If it is private, please send it to [email protected].

OK i just tried it again, i realised the email adress i used was not the same as my original one. It now allows me and confirms my joining.

The problem now is it instructs me to add a new account but i allready have 2 accounts and this is the maximum ???

Any ideas.


Didn’t you fill the full email (with @ character) into username once it said internal error?

see above and check your mail

And I am sorry but yes, 2 accounts limitation now applies also for sync2em accounts. We are considering some changes here at the moment. You can temporarily disable one of these 2 accounts (to be able to try sync2em functionality) in Tools ->Accounts -> Uncheck Enable account.
Please be aware that Sync2eM service won’t be free once the beta programme finishes. We have to cover costs with server infrastructure and other expenses as well.

Is there any way to set up for Android phones yet?

“2 accounts limitation now applies also for sync2em accounts. We are considering some changes here at the moment.”

When will the above changes be discussed? I want to use this funtion but need more leeway with the number of accounts.

Can’t create account…

Get Sync2eM Beta Account

Account was not created.
Internal Error

Hello, was your attempt successful at last? I can see that your account was created at last. Have you received an email with your credentials? Can you please post an email you used in registration (or send it to me via email [email protected])?

problem with “Internal error” described above should be fixed.

Did you consider yet changing the amount of accounts taht are allowed so i can add syncing my phone to my 2 email accounts as this is a real plus for me?