Sync2eM my mailfolders?

In the General features in Sync2EM it says: Back up all your data in the cloud!

Where and how to backup all my mailfolders, as I only see to backup contacts, tasks and

I have this same question… I open my client and sync to the cloud… it only says it is syncing contacts, task, & calendar… what about my mail?

Also… my client says it does not see my active account, although I’ve purchased the pro product… why?

Call me stupid, but where is my data? How do I access the sync2em Cloud that contains my data? I just want to open the cloud and confirm my data is there. Why is there not a link, for pro members, to login and see their account, dashboard and link to their data cloud? This needs to be available on the home screen… why is this so hard to find?

you can backup your mail folders using the export function, or leave them on the server.

The reason why it says it does not see your active account is that you did not use the same email for registration eM Client and Sync2eM license. You can create your Sync2eM account here: Help - Sync2eM service- Create Sync2eM account

You can access your cloud data here: