Sync2em is not working with HTC Thunderbolt (Android 2.2.1)

Sync2em is not working with HTC Thunderbolt with Android 2.2.1
Setup for Exchange. There is no option to select “Use Secure Connection”. Only has “This server requires an encrypted SSL connection” checkbox. Have tried to sync with and without it checked. All user names, email addresses, server addresses are in the correct format. Am using the latest client and sync as of 3/23/2011

Update: sync still not working, but the behavior is different. Yesterday, it indicated errors occurred from server. Today, no errors are indicated. However, no mail is in my inbox on my device despite the fact that my desktop eM Client inbox has hundreds of mails.

Another update: ok now it is behaving the same as yesterday, my device says The Exchange Server returned some status errors. This is from the mail synchronization.

You’ll not sync your email with sync2em, only contacts/calendar/tasks…
But even, it looks like it is not working on recent android devices…

We tested it on 2.2.3 right now and it was working OK.