How do I do a Fully resync ?

the synchronization error was an issue with google servers and you need to fully resync your Contacts for it to be fixed. Go to your ‘Contacts’ tab in the left menu and right mouse click the Contacts and Directory folders under your affected account, choose ‘Properties > Repair’ and click the ‘Repair’ button. Wait for the repair to finish before starting repairing each folder.

The most efficient way to make sure you didn’t miss repairing any of the affected folders is doing a full resync of your gmail account in eM Client - deleting the gmail from ‘Tools > Accounts’ window and adding it again following the usual procedure as shown here:… -> doing this might take longer if you have lot of e-mails, but it’s the surest way to get rid of the error.

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The delete part was necessary, Thank you very much