Sync without Interent

Can I sync eM Client with my iPhone without having to go online? Could I possibly use a bridge program (i.e. Deja Office?) Anyone experiencing similar problems?

Am running Windows 7, been using Outlook but gotta get away from the pricing. Found eM Client after a few hours. Everything looks fanatastic, but I can’t seem to find a way to sync data without using Gmail, iCloud, or some other form of doing it on the Interent.

If someone has the answer, or a least a suggestion, that would be awesome!

unfortunately there’s currently no feature that would allow you to sync your email client with your iPhone.
Note this is not a planned feature since iPhone runs a completely different mail client and thus synchronizing through direct connection would be quite complicated.

Thank you for understanding,

Okay, first of all, thank you for getting back time so quickly. I really appreciate that. I just have one more question: let’s say I decide to sync with iCloud, can I sync all of my contacts with multiple color categories?

Hi, unfortunately categories and especially their colours are only stored locally, you can use different groups though that you can use as distribution lists etc.