Sync with my Samsung Galaxy S

I like to test sync with my Android Samsung Galaxy S but I cannot realize it. I had to select Corporate on my smartphone, but I only see facebook, twitter, Microsoft Ex., Google, Skype. What do I have to select?

What do you want to sync?
Calendar, contacts?

I use Davical to sync my calendars and contacts between PC
and Android phone. On the phone I use CalDav Sync to sync my calendars and CardDAV Sync to sync my contacts.

Works great!

I want to sync both, calendar and contacts. Thanks for the hint with CalDav Sync und CardDAV Sync. I’ll test it.

I did install cardDVD Sync on my Android Samsung Galaxy S. I seem’s to me I’m to stupid. I cannot creat a account for on my Galaxy.

You should choose Microsoft Exchange account type.