Sync the eM Client categories via GMail

Please make it possible to sync the categories from emclient via Gmail. Right now, the Categories I’m setting with my PC dont’t get to my Laptop and vice versa.
(Also it would be really great if the categories itself would sync too!)
Thanks for that great program!

Same Problem with the Tasks it seems :confused:

Even lost my Categories due to a Sync on the same Client

i support this, second big flaw found on EM Client, categories are useless this way…

Is there any word on if this has been considered? The original suggestion was posted almost a year ago now.

Yes! Need this for sure! I just purchased eM client for my laptop and the categories seemed very useful (no longer supported in outlook 2013 without extensive workarounds). I also installed a trial version on my desktop…and no category sync. If I can’t get the same emails/tasks, etc categories synced between eM clients on different PCs - then it’s not useful at all.

Thunderbird syncs email categories with Zimbra (via IMAP4) – so it’s definitely possible to do!

And it’s a HUGE benefit to be able to do this. Please implement.


there is possibility that in 6th version categories will be synced as labels (in eM Client categories are labels).

but I was told not to promise this :slight_smile:


If you would aslo like to see “delayed Send” added to emClient, please vote for it here:…

Any news on this? I haven’t had the chance to test it with 6.0.

hi, unfortunately no news on this feature.


I vote for this too

Not sure what’s planned or when, but surprised by the comments that suggest categories are the same as Gmail labels, or that categories can be sync’d via Gmail. Labels and categories are different and I’d like them to stay that way, but I do agree that it would be good to be able to sync categories in different copies of eMClient.
Labels put emails into different folders. Categories allow emails in a single folder to be tagged without moving or copying them to different folders. As far as I can see, eMClient fully supports Gmail labels, but there is no equivalent of categories in Gmail.

Hi, yes this is how it currently works and it should stay that way. Labels and eM client categories are different features.

Thank you,

Any news on this feature? It would be fabulous if categories could sync. It’s kind of annoying that they don’t. :frowning: Also, I notice that task recurrence also doesn’t sync.

Hi Michelle, some task/calendar services do not support recurrent tasks, so you may not be able to synchronize these options, unfortunately Gmail doesn’t support this option either.


Planned 2 years ago ???