Sync problem with yahoo account

Hi, I start using the eM client today with my yahoo account. After the first synchronization stop to syncronize the yahoo account and doesnt receive any message. Please help me if you know what i must do to fix it.

Hello, this issue should be workarounded (because it is primarily a new bug on Yahoo servers) in the version 7.2.38732. You can download it here:

I was hoping this would help me too, but it didn’t.  I haven’t been able to receive email for the past week because Yahoo wants me to log in, but doesn’t accept my email and password as being valid.  I read something that says it has switched to two-factor authentication, and this is causing the issue.  Do you know what I can do in emClient to enable that, or do they require everyone to call their tech support and pay $4.99 for help?  Is it time to switch to another email provider? 

Did you ever figure out how to get eM Client to work with 2FA? I’m having the same problem setting up an Exchange account with 2FA.