Sync problem when deleting birthdays

  • When you have a birthday in a contact, then this birthday will appear in the calendar (if you select birthdays this is)

  • Now, if you delete that calendar entry it will create a sync problem

  • So eM Client doesn’t feed back the deleted birthday calendar entry into the address book contact. That’s a bit annoying and worth fixing one day.

  • Workaround: You actually need to delete the birthday in the contact.

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That is probably because the birthday folder, which comes from the server, is read-only.

If you try and create an event in that folder it just disappears.

I understand the problem.
In my opinion, what should happen, is that either
a) eM doesn’t allow you to delete, ideally give a hint that this is read only
b) just overwrite at the next sync

Instead, eM is generating a sync conflict error, which is a bit disturbing and then requires you deal with it etc. For you it may be plain obvious, I had to spend some time to figure out :slight_smile: