Sync personalized Gmail contacts fields

I started to use eM Client few months ago and the program is really fantastic. Congratulations!

I observed one thing that I thing could be improved. I have a lot of contacts in Gmail account. I use Android mobile phone and Gmail in Windows PC. In some of these contacts I personalized the name of some fields.

For example, the names of the fields of telephone numbers are: “Home”, “Mobile” and “Work”. But instead using this regular names for these fields I personalized them like “Mobile (AT&T)” or “Work (Front Desk)” or anything else like this.

Gmail and Android phones accept these kind of personalization. But when I tried to sync my contacts with eM Client I noticed that the software sync these fields but is not possible to view them in the Contacts List (Ctrl+B) or Contacts Painel.

Is it possible to implement this function, to show phone or anything else that is input in a field with personalized name?


Rodrigo Dayrell
(from Brazil)