Sync only selected folders

I saw a few other people with similar requests. I have many IMAP folders, and Em Client always tries to sync all of them, even though most of them do not contain updates. In most cases, I only have 2-3 folders that need consistent updates. They have to all be IMAP folders (cannot be local folders).

It would be very beneficial to select only certain folders to sync. This is the first mail client that I’ve used that does not seem to be able to handle selective folder synchronization and subscription.

Hi Jonathan, yes this idea was already posted on this forum, you can only hide these folders from showing by right clicking the folder and select Show/hide or hide the folder from IMAP connections (but then they won’t be synchronized at all). Also IMAP subfolders should only be synchronized when you click on them, until then only an indication of new email will be shown (…).

Also if you’d like to see the feature for subscribing IMAP folders, join the idea topics that have been created here already and show your support.

Thank you, hope this helps,

I don’t seem to be able to hide subfolders. In my setup, 90% of my folders are subfolders of Inbox. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi again Jonathan, if your subfolders are subfolders of any of the main folder it’s not possible to hide them, you would have to hide the root folder of these subfolder (thus meaning hiding inbox completely).

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Just to add my vote for selective sync of folders, like the Outlook subscribed folders. I have about 10 GB in GMail in about 100 folders (this is many years of e-mails) and like the first poster, only have about 10 active folders for new e-mail I need to sync for offline work. Because emClient doesn’t allow this and my choices are to work only online or sync my entire database (which I did do, but each subsequent sync takes about 1/2 hour), I won’t be able to use emClient. Too bad, it was a good GMail client.

Go to the gmail web client and go to settings/labels and uncheck “Show in IMAP” for those folders you don’t want to see.

By the way, after the initial sync, future syncs should only take seconds.

If you uncheck “Show in IMAP” then you don’t see them at all in emClient, which isn’t what I want. I want to see them but only sync when I look at the folder. The selective sync in Outlook only synced a few of my directories but the ones that didn’t Sync, when I went to them they would sync. 

I am wondering what the purpose is of having an IMAP folder that does not sync?

History. I have mail dating back to 1998 and occasionally refer to it when I do searches, or sometimes when an old client comes back. That’s why I have 100s of folders and my GMail account is 10GB. Just today I was asked a question and pulled up a folder and the last e-mail in it was from 2005. But for the 10- minute syncing I only need about 4 main folders (I use SaneBox that automatically sorts my e-mail into 3 other folders other than inbox).

If the contents don’t change there will not be any syncing with the scheduled sync of the other folders.

But you do need it to be synced at least once, otherwise you cannot include its contents in a search.

I loved this client until It doesn’t notify you of new email in subfolders. this client is now on the shit list