Sync not working?

CalDAV calendar with MDaemon, it pulls everything, says its Synced (we set it to every 1 min), however on watching it sync it doest update the screen with any new information unless we un-select that calendar then re-select it (so it syncs again).



We already fixed this in the upcoming version of eM Client 7.1. Please wait for official release where we significantly improved the synchronisation features of eM Client.


Do you have an ETA for the release?

Early next century

not yet but everything will be announced in time on our Facebook page and on our website.

After beeing initially informed by Olivia Rust that the update to 7.1 would be ready at the end of last year , and now beeing told at the end of April one year later that “everything will be announced in time” makes me loose all confidence in you people.
The pittance of improvements that I see in 7.1. beta over version 6, let alone version 7 would not justify all the time it seems to take you to deliver on your announcement.

I don’t know if this is the same issue, but I confirm I get random Sync problems with Imap