Sync not run in background

I am considering to buying the em client
but something bothers me a lot.
the sync not run in background but a window opens constantly. annoying when you set the sync interval to 1 minute and also work with the pc

Does this help resolve your issue?

Menu > Settings > General > Operations Window

no , I can only set there whether it should be synchronized and how often this should not to do this in the background

Hmm, I don’t have “window opens constantly” occurring, based on the setting I pointed you to.

Perhaps you can grab a screen shot of the window so we can ensure we are talking about the same thing?

I using em client in german.
and used since thunderbird and there it was normal that everything runs in the background

Thanks for the screen shot… I now understand and can not ever remember seeing anything like that in the versions I have run.
I too ran Thunderbird…
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will be able to respond to your issue…

@niwes: Menü > Einstellungen > Allgemein > Allgemein > Einstellungen > “Statusfenster beim Senden und Empfangen anzeigen” deaktivieren.

@sunriseal: The German translation of the settings is not quite consistent with the English version. I suppose that’s why niwes did not find your path.

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Oh… guess I did not fully understand that he could not find it…

So the settings as I pointed him to, should help him?

Yes, you pointed him to the right settings. The German language version of the settings is a bit confusing, that’s why he did not find it.

Thank you… !!
I realize he is German but since the original post was in English it never crossed my mind that language would be a problem… :grinning:

@ezrider thaks thats it :grinning:
I also put it in English but hadn’t found anything suitable

@sunriseal thank you too

now i thinking i buy one :yum:

Glad it all worked out! Enjoy!

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