Sync new Mail First

I have downloaded this mail app onto my new laptop - except it is now downloading emails from 2015 which I don’t need now. How can I set up the mail to download new mails first - i need these now!

Try this
Menu/tools/settings/mail   READ   Message_List
"Set default data sort to  "  New Messages on top

Then on the mail screen click the field Received so it re sorts
EmClient remembers your last sort so if you sorted by another heading it keeps it until
it is changed.

Also you may like the option Show message in Groups
Hopes this helps

Hi thanks so much for the detailed reply - unfortunately this did not work :frowning:

Try changing in Read Message_List to full date .
What is your email vendor  does it have any parameters to control how it is presented in native vendor screen
Can you change the sort of the display by clicking on the Received heading ?

I have no other suggestion sorry