Sync local contacts with other devices :)

Hi there,
stupid as I am i payed for another mail software yet, although it isn’t that good as emClient is. But it has one little feature I still miss on emClient. I have been told how to create local contacts (not gmail etc. contacts). It would be a great feature to have an option to sync the own LOCAL contacts with the cloud or with portable devices. The other software I got (EssentialPim) offers an own app for my iPod Touch that automatically sync the contacts i create on my computer to my iPod. As far as I know eMClient is only able to sync GMail contacts with the GMail sync tools, but not Local contacts, isn’t it?.

A feature like this to improve the integration of eM Client would be awesome. Bad luck you don’t have a Pay Pal Donate button. I could donate some bucks to motivate, as I don’t need the pro version of emClient :slight_smile: