Sync issues with Gmail labels

I just updated my pcs to the new version 9.1.2109 (9967b93) and I have issues with the synchronisation of the folders. I use three laptops and with the previous version (I was already on the 9) when I was moving an email to a folder (Gmail labels), this action was automatically performed by the program on the other two computers.
Since I upgraded to this new version, if I label one email on one computer (moving it to a folder from inbox), this modification will not appear on the other two laptops where the emails will remain in inbox. I have tried to repair all emails and the sync is performed but the problem is still happening after. The repair fixes the problem temporarily but from the following email labelled the problem is still there.

Hi guys, any follow up on this? I am having several trouble and this issue is also happening to other colleagues of mine in our office.
Can you please urgently have a look at this?

Just to be sure I am writing in the right place, are the guys from emclient supposed to answer? Many thanks for your help.

This issue with Gmail has been addressed and a fix will be in 9.2, which is expected to be released early next month.

Perfect!! Many thanks Gary! :grinning: