Sync issues (field type): eM Client => Google

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing the following issue and need help to fix it:

Setup: em Client Version 8 (private), connected to an outlook and gmail adress
Goal: Migration of all contacts to Google

I tried the following:
a) copying the adresses from outlook contact folder to the gmail contact folder
b) entering a contact manually into the gmail contact folder

Copying and manually entering the contacts works fine through the em Client interface. However are the telephone field types changed e.g. from “mobile” to “Cell_1”, for the adress from “private” to “Home_1” and e.g. for the email field type from “private” to “Email_1”

That itself does not cause a malfunction of course. But the problem is that e.g. the “business” field type in all sections is not synced properly and results in untagged data entries. Google forwards this setup to my mobile device and as a result I don`t see the stored business entries for all sections that this field type was assigned to.

The above mentined issues does not happen when I migrate an existing outlook contact to e.g. my apple contacts.

I am not an English native, so I hope you understand my problem.

Does anyone have an idea if this is an issue with emClient <=> Google?


There`s really nobody here syncing his contacts via Gmail and and Iphone in combinatin with emClient?