Sync Issue

I am having a sync error message popping up more recently. It is saying “Unable to upload message ‘Lana, sync your listings from one convenient place’ to folder ’ Junk E-Mail .’ ([SERVERBUG] BUG: Unknown Internal Error.” I am not sure what this means or how to fix this problem. If you could give any pointers that would be great!

Hello Alecs, seems like a message can’t be uploaded to your server, this can occur in case the message is too large etc., if you can find the message remove the message by using shift+delete (this will remove the message without moving it to trash thus you’ll avoid seeing the same error on your trash folder). Or right click the junk folder and force a folder repair, by navigating to Properties > Repair, this option will re-sync the folder with the server and remove the message. 

Unfortunately the server bug issue is mostly referring to an invalid sync command from the server and can’t be resolved from our side.