Sync Error for Calendar

Hi I get this error when emClient starts…after syncing…

[Google Calendar] Synchronizing folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Sequence contains no elements

Anyone know what this means and how to fix?

Hello @Goblin

I think there is some issue with Google. Can you please contact me directly on and I will get you to generate some logs so we can see what is happening.

This issue occurs with an empty Task folder.

Until that can be fixed, you can delete the Task folder mentioned in the error.

To do that go to the Tasks section of eM Client. Click on the Gmail Tasks folder mentioned in the error. You should get the error again, so just close the Operations popup.
At the top of the task list, are some headers - All, Upcoming, Completed, On Hold.
Click on the All option.

If the task folder displays as empty, then you can delete that task folder.

Thank you. This has been killing me for 3 days. I went into the Google calendar on line, added a task, and now it works.