Sync emails is showing on eM Client as read From Android

I have an Android device ( Samsung Note 2). When I receive emails on my phone I clear out the notifications and don’t open the email. When I return to my eM Client to read the emails I have to sort and find the emails sent to me because some of them are showing up that I have already read them and I have not. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Hi Marcus, can you check your webmail if the mail is marked as read prior to opening eM client. I believe there’s no setting you’re missing, unless it’s on your Android device.
This certainly seems more like an issue of the mail application on your phone.

Thank you,

Hello Paul, Thanks for the reply; No I don’t open the email on my phone, but it does give me a notification on my phone that I have new mail. I just clear out the notification without opening the email app. Oddly when I open my eM Client some of my emails don’t show up as read but some do. Weirdness thing I have ever seen. I have a Samsung Note II and using their app client for my email on phone.  

Also I use frontier for my email. Frontier email is hosted by yahoo

I decided to just use the Yahoo email app on my phone instead of Samsung’s and it has fixed the issues. Thanks.

Hi again Marcus, if the issue is not reoccuring while using the online interface, I’m afraid this issue is not being caused by eM Client, but rather the Android application you were using.
Let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for understanding,