sync contacts

Syncing emClient contacts across computers: I run the same email account on 3 computers. One computer also runs another email account. How can I sync contacts across the computers for the shared account?

Also email folders do not retain edits to folder names, and some do not sync with the server.

With contacts, that depends if your provider offers syncing of contacts. If it does, as long as you save the contact in the correct folder, it will sync with the server, and then with any other client connected to the same service. Saving contacts to Local Folders will not sync with the server.

The same applies to messages and their folders; local folders are not synced with a server. If your account is setup as POP3, it will not sync with a server.

Who is your email provider?

HI Gary, thanks for the reply. Our email provider is Namecheap and I’m just going to check if they sync contacts. I thought it was an emClient problem as it didn’t happen so much with Outlook (although all sorts of other problems did, which may have masked the real cause), but now I’m thinking I need to check Namecheap more thoroughly.

I don’t think Namecheap does sync Contacts automatically - thanks for the pointer!

To sync contacts they need to offer CardDAV, which I think they do. You can inquire from them what is the CardDAV URL, then in eM Client go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and add a new account. Select Contacts > CardDAV and enter the details.