Sync Contacts with google account

The synchronization with the contacts with the Google account does not work properly. When I open a contact on the PC in the client and then close it, the client ALWAYS asks if I want to save the changes, even though I have NOT changed anything. If I click on NO, everything is fine. If I click on YES, the cell names are overwritten in Google, so BUSINESS suddenly becomes WORK_1, Fax (business) becomes FAXWORK_1 etc. All cell names are overwritten in the Google account. If I then click on the cell names in the Google account, I get the Google standard selection again, I can select the “correct” cell name, save, synchronize and the “correct” cell name is displayed again in the em client. This lasts until I answer the question about saving with YES again on the PC when I close a contact. Even when I create a new contact, the “wrong” cell names (not content) are sent to Google. Win 10 64 bit, em client 8 free

I have the same problem, even if I didn’t know it was because of saying YES to the save question.

Do you have also a free account or a licens?

I’m using a licensed version of eMClient.

With a licensed version you should have permisson for full support, and I guess that they know about this issue, and that there is an easy an quick solution. Please send them an email an share their respons. THX

Try this version, it works