sync chat contacts with organization

I’d like to use the chat function of emclient in our organization, but it seems to require that we add the email addresses for googletalk to every individual person.   Is there a way to have it use a global list, like an address book?  Or even have it default to googletalk at least?  Jabber seems to be the default but I’d prefer not to default that one.

Hello Jim,
if you already use Google chat on your server/ have the account list on the server the contacts should load automatically.
There is no default chat function (except when you perhaps have a default account that has a chat function - but you can disable XMPP in the Accounts settings), it depend on what you set up.
You can even set up just a chat account by using the Chat>GoogleTalk option in the New Account window.


I’m not sure what you mean.

Google chat is connected through emclient, not on our server.  We’re not running any kind of server program to handle chat.

The regular contacts load fine but they don’t show up in the chat system.  We have to add them manually to each machine.

I don’t want to *disable* the xmpp function.  I just simply would prefer, if the other option isn’t possible, to have googletalk be at the top of the list of chat services when I click on “New Contact” in the chat section.

Hello Jim,
I meant if you had a contact list on your gmail mail server. The gmail chat also needs to connect to a server, eM Client is just a client.
Otherwise, eM Client loads all the contacts you previously chatted with. So if you send message through Google Chat to your contacts, eM Client will load these.
Otherwise you have to add them manually as new contacts.

If you have all chat accounts opened, new contact will automatically use your Default account (set in Tools>Accounts) first.
If you open the contacts just for the Google Talk account, the new contact will be saved in the google talk list.

Hope this is a bit more clear.


>I meant if you had a contact list on your gmail mail server

We have a contact list on the gmail server.  It replicates to all users.  If I have emclient open and click on contacts (on the left side), it shows an option called “directory”.  That has everyone in the organization.  It also has something called “my contacts” which seems to have only the contacts I added to the chat.

Is there any way to get the chat to use the Directory as well?  So far it only seems to use “My Contacts”.