Sync between a local calendar and a caldav connected calendar

Hi to everybody!
I just switched from Outlook (client) to eM client.
I have now a local calendar (imported from Outlook) and a caldav-connected calendar on a server.

I would like to have the calendar stored locally, and to only sync the next 2-4 weeks with a caldav calendar (on a server). The syncing works well, but:

I would like to not have my whole calendar on the server, but to have it offline, as a local calendar.
I would like to sync the local calendar with the server, but only the few weeks around today’s date.
Is this possible?

Perhaps could I automatically “archive” the older calendar elements, that are older than, say, 30 days?

thanks in advance!

This can’t be automated or changed though a setting.

You would need to do it manually; so have the calendar locally, and manually move the current weeks events to a server. Then at the end of the week, move the events from the server back to the local calendar.


Thanks a lot for your fast reply!
This is now clear to me…
I think the best option would be to use the “autoarchive” option. Does it work for calendars or only for emails? With autoarchive, the calendar entries could be deleted from the online-calendar and moved to the local calendar (“archive” calendar).

Automatic Archiving is only for messages. Sorry.

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